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Dave is a guest on TALKS ON DOCS: a documentary review podcast

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Dave And Dan Podcast Ep. 01

Aug 3, 2016123 minutes

In this episode

  1. We uncover that Jason Bourne is a passive aggressive ass and spoil (29:44-39:17) the new movie.
  2. We argue about greatest gun control measure while still allowing people to own nukes.
  3. We both join team instinct and plot how to cash grab the losers.
  4. Dave shows Dan the wonders of indoor climbing gyms
  5. We play an obscure japanese mouth game.
  6. we talk about going to Whiskey Chicks and peer pressure to piss in the sink.
  7. Plus More!

Dave And Dan Podcast Ep. 00

Jul 29, 201650 minutes

Our Zero-th episode. This is not a test... But it WAS a test!

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