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Eric Wade is a guest on TALKS ON DOCS: a documentary review podcast

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Episode 23 - Jordan Lekan, Sturdy, Eric Wade

Nov 4, 2017182 minutes

The first group discussion StarkCast episode has landed! I talk conspiracy theories with Jordan Lekan, Sturdy, and Eric Wade. In typical StarkCast fashion we go off the rails a lot; politics, religion, offended peoples, all sorts of stuff! We had a lot of laughs and I had a great time talking with these guys. I'm really looking forward to doing more episodes like this one!

Also at the end of the podcast, Jordan and I talk about our side-podcast, The Comic Cast, potentially ending. It was a sad possibility that Jordan and I had thought was going to take place, but over the last couple days we were able to get the hosting situation figured out!! So worry not, Comic Cast fans! We're not going anywhere!

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